Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tour De Genting - "The Suicide Ride"

I couldn't believed that I had finally made it at last!. Well alot of people including my daddy and mummy, my wife, and my princess said I am nuts riding 2 wheels to Uncle Lim's mountain. I also wondering how many crazy or siao kia people would actually ride to the top of the Genting Highland just for the sake for fun of it. Yes I am insane, I am crazy, I am nuts but that's me and my whole members of SPMTB from Sungai Petani, Kedah had finally made to the top of the Genting Highland from 9:00AM to 2:30PM (what a shame !!..haha). But honestly speaking, the mountain is killing me with its awesome 35-38 degrees tilting , 5 km before reaching to the top. I was very freaking exhausted and hunger (even though dah hantam POWERBAR and 100plus). So brothers and sisters out there, I am telling you, if you want to go up to Genting Highland, please bring more FOOD please because you would never know you going to need it or die of hunger. Lucky got one friend who missed us very much and simply drive to Genting Highland with his car and his lover to supply us another round of chocolate bar!! hooooray!!..thank you very much ya AH SIEN a.k.a ZS..without you really we sure cannot make it lo. We will always remember you ya. Anyway the good thing was the weather was cold and fine that morning. I got the opportunity to sprint down hill with only 40-50 minutes. It was not fast enough to make a record because the damn hill got few hill to cycle up and its very time consuming. But hell ya who give the F*** as long as we had made it and I hope I will never return there again. ha ha ha.. before you guys and gals going for the pictures I would like to take this opportunity to THANK First World Hotel management people of their kind cooperation and help to let us park our expensive bike on the VVIP car park. We are proud and happy because the way they handled our bike and people is done professionally. THANK YOU!