Friday, March 27, 2009

Zi Wei Yuan Steam Boat Restaurant

Wei Yiik suggested that we headed to Zi Wei Yuan Steam Boat Restaurant in Raja Uda for Yum steam boat dinner. Only 4 of us (me, Wei Yiik, Chin Wei & Terk) went for the dinner as Mern Seong was in Penang. The fresh seafood and vegetables were mouth watering and tasty with Yum soup in the steamboat. As usual Terk fell asleep in the car again when on the way back.
Restaurant : Zi Wei Yuan Steam Boat Sdn Bhd
Address : 6525, Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth.
Tel : 04-3312736
Diners : 4 person
Damage : RM102.00

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dinner in Sakae Sushi, Sunway Carnival Mall

5 (me, Wei Yiik, Seong, Chin Wei, Terk and me) of us got nothing to do that night , managed to grab some movie tickets and went to Sunway Carnival Mall. With empty stomach , we headed to Sakae Sushi for dinner. We all ate like king. Anyway the movie THE INTERNATIONAL was sucks and I dozed off during the airing. Anyway at least the gathering was well ended....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dinner with Seong, Jane and Beng

Seong invited me to go to Khun Thai Restaurant in Butterworth with Ah Beng and Jane. The food was very delicious and tasty. I 100% recommend this restaurant to everyone.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Photo of me

I would like to thank Seong from BM PHOTO CLUB for taking his time to send picture to me when he spotted my photo in the Kulim Hi-Tech MTB Exploration'09 DVDs. Thank you my buddy!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hangout in The Lounge, Park Avenue Hotel

My uncle called me that they had reached in The Lounge, Park Avenue Hotel to join Dimitri and friends from Germany. Kher Sham need to join his friends in Penang while I join Dimitri. Of course we had some booze and it went all night long. So FUN!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sg Petani-Butterworth Night Ride

Total Riders : 8
Total Distance : 70KM
Place : Sg Petani - Butterworth
Stop : Stop at the Butterworth Rojak Stall.
Damages : Botak Seong was too exhausted and call-off in Butterworth.
Sweeper : Allan and Ah Terk

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Batu Lintang-Tikam Batu Night Ride

Top : Waiting at the traffic light near Sharp Roxy.

Top : Everyone seem to sprint on the road

Top : BMC-Keat reached at the first check point-Batu Lintang

Top : Ah Terk so happy

Top : Terk and BMC-Keat

Top : Uncle William the first one who reached at the check point

Top : Continue after everyone reached

Top : Nice turn

Top : Almost reached Tikam Batu Town

Top : Ah Chau was exhausted when tailing Uncle William

Top : Tong was a fast sprinter at the beginning

Top : BMC-Keat

Top : Ah Tong

Top : Uncle William

Top :Ah Sien

Top : Ah Chau

Top : Ah Terk

Top : The last stop at the mini mart at Tikam Batu Town

Top : Ah Chau got flat tire

Top : Ah Terk helped changing the tire tube

Top : Uncle William and BMC Keat chatted quite a while

Top : Everyone seem to be very exhausted

Top : Cycling back to Sg Petani

Top : Pedal Power !

Top : Reached finally!

Top : Hooray

Top : Ah Terk's stamina dropped tremendously

Top : Everyone stop near the Giant Hypermart

Top : Everyone was so happy for the ride....
Time Start : 8:30 PM
Distance : 25KM
Riders : 6
Cameraguy : me of course !
Damages : Few tire puntured, few can of 100PLUS, Leg cramp, andrenalin rush,
Note :