Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Xtremely Busy !

Sorry for not posting this week, I am terribly busy for everything! running my company and to my jamboree. I had problem with my little princess too, she was down with flu. She is what I worried the most. I had to leave behind my job and jamboree stuff for her as she is been hospitalised. My princess had changed my entired life and she meant everything to me.
I think the most pressure, tension and trauma I am having are the jamboree's assignments. Currently I have 2 assignments in my hand that are SP Jamboree 2008 and also BM Mountain Cross 2008. My job required me to handle large chunk of rider's personal datas to be stored into computer database system for updates. I also need to design some of the forms, logos, identification tag, scanning also handling sponsors for the event.
Tired? of course!! I didn't get enough sleep for almost everyday since 3 weeks ago. My mum asked me to stop all these for fearing it will affect my health. But every single hour is worth it. I feel very proud of myself and its my pride and honour to be given an opportunity to perform and to show my ability to handle important project. Although I had been humilliated infront of my buddy for been stupid for taking this job that not even supposed to be under my job scope, to me I felt every single cent is worth it. They will never understand the feeling of achievement to complete the important task that will determine the success or failure for the jamboree. So I tell you succession & perfection only come when we go through every single mistake that we had.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ton of WORKS!!!!

My work is piling up now...of course will ton of fax papers of the entry forms for SP JAMBOREE 2008. From handling the call from riders, receiving the fax, photocopy, posting information into my dedicated website at . Sometimes it really time consuming as I need to cope up with my work too. But I feel worth it as being part of the member of SPMTBCLUB and also a fanatic fan of mountain biking. Sometimes I had to work out until 5 a.m in the morning to keep the my website and database going well. Well it's all for now as now already 10:30 PM and I still need to work things out.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another New Rock Shox SID RACE '09

Its double joy for me as the 2 items I previously ordered was reached at Yong's shop. Yong was so happy to call me to inform that the item had reached his shop. Without much hesitation I reached his shop at 10: 30 AM. From far away I could see a bright light blue colour box on the top of the display shelf. I went in and yes ! its the one! its the one! Finally the shocked that I ever been dreamed of had reached its shore. It a ROCK SHOX SID RACE 2009 model !! Wrapping with clear plastic paper, I could see a pair of glittering white paint was simply fabulous. Its very light and weighed only 1450g. With the 100mm of travel, dual air spring and Motion Control, its just simply rock and could sustain massive force of impact during hardcore ride. The price of the SID? Let I say, its better to be kept as private because simply its not nice to tell it here. Well what ever it is, its had completed my Giant XTC 2009 bike project. Will let you know more for after the next ride.

My New Polar Heart Rate Monitor

I am so happy to collect my new Polar FS1 heart rate monitor from Yong's bicycle shop. Its a basic range and come in dark blue colour but it already cost RM 2x0.00 a piece. The idea I wanted this gadget was when I went to watch Incredible Hulk movie with my wife. I saw the hero was wearing Polar heart rate monitor and he made sure that his heart beats would not gone beyond 200 bps. When it was about to hit the figure, the Polar monitor will beep to warn you. I am getting fancy with it and I think its very cool too. I will try tomorrow during the ride. Wish me luck.

Friday, July 11, 2008

"DOG TAG" as SP JAMBOREE souvenier

Finally I'd came out with an idea to use "DOG TAG" as a replacement for the medal during SP JAMBOREE 2008 event. What is the "DOG TAG" actually means ? Is the "DOG TAG" is use for the canine??? Certainly NOT at all....The "DOG TAG" is a piece of metal plate with neck chain that keep your vital information on it. The information is engraved onto the surface of the metal. The "dog tag" is often used by the army during the war for easy recognition incase they lost their life in the battle field. So the introduction of using "DOG TAG" during the SP Jamboree 2008 is quite a new idea and creative. Riders can simply wear the "DOG TAG" on any occasion or during the ride. I wish "DOG TAG" can become one of the latest in-thing to hit cycling's fashion in the nation.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


It was quite sad and devastating to hear that one of the cycling group would not take part and support to the SP JAMBOREE 2008 this year partly due to the misunderstanding with one of the member in the past. I wish this shall not be political motivated like what we had now in our country. It is such ashame when every people around the globe are talking about our country's politic like a laughing stock. Every political based mongering should be avoided to bring harmony and peace to the country. So it does the same in cycling, the main reason of organising cycling event is to promote cycling as one of the fitness sport to the people. Cycling brings a lot of benefit especially for good and healthy lifestyle. People gets to know each other from all over the states and even countries with cycling event. Cycling helps to boost the bilateral relations to a new level on such areas as culture,trade, health and tourism. So everyone, I wish we shall not forget our main goal in cycling that is to bring good health for ourself. Like one said "Money can't buy health". I am pleading everyone to stop politiking and help each other in educating and promoting cycling as one of the best healthy activity in the century.

"Winning doesn't always mean being first, winning means you're doing better than you've done before". -by Bonnie Blair

Courtesy visit from Butterworth

I was so surprised today that 2 friends, Xiao Seong and Chicken Sim from L P Mountain Bike Club, Butterworth came for a courtesy visit to Sg Petani. Xiao Seong brought his brand new Mitsubishi Triton to my shop for wheel alignment and wheel balancing service. In between they met Mr William before we heading for our lunch. I am honoured to be given an opportunity to help Seong on behalf of their club to design the entry form for their upcoming BM Mountain Cross 2008 at 26th October 2008 held in Sungai Lembu, Bukit Mertajam, Penang. The event covered 40km in cross country ride. But riders beware, there are lots of stressful uphill ride especially near Tokun area. Well for mean time I can't leaked out the route for everyone as its quite confidential for the moment. I will update more soon. Xiao Seong and Chicken Sim is quite pleased with the finalising from the layout of the form as they want to keep it simple and nice.

Layout of the Front page and Rear page of the form.

One last thing, Xiao Seong asking for help in designing for their ride certificate. I will start to design tomorrow when I am free. I really like to design in digital art because its so easy and fun. I wish I can help them more if they wanted because the main intention is to promote cycling as sport for all ages and both sex. Cycling also leads to good and healthy lifestyle.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to My Basikal

Welcome to My Basikal blog. Let me introduce myself, My name is Allan Chan and now currently staying in Sungai Petani, Kedah. I am addicted to cycling since I was kid. I remembered my parent won't allowed me to go out cycling but I sneaked out. From there on I knew cycling bring me passion, freedom and peace. That's why my love for 2 wheels will never fade away. From there on I involved pretty much of cycling. Its my pride to become a commitee member of SPMTBCLUB. I wish I can help to promote cycling as a major sport as its a way for healthy lifestyle.

So I came out with the idea of My Basikal for my blog because I find the word is unique and "Basikal" is a Malaysia word that bring the meaning "bicycle" in English. The idea of my blog came into my mind when I was having a shower. My Basikal blog will be my media to express my idea, comments, point of view and my every activities related to cycling.

I can be reached at . Any suggestion and comments are welcome.