Wednesday, July 1, 2009

JPJ Kacau Lagi

Ok, today I received a call from one of the cycling friend to complain his dissatisfaction of JPJ action against vehicle owner that mounted a bicycle carrier on their car. This time my friend had summitted an application letter to JPJ a week before, but the JPJ officers had issued him a verbal warning as well as a ticket to ask him to uninstall his bicycle carrier and send to JPJ for checking. He is only allow to install back his bicycle carrier once the application letter has been approved. JPJ is starting to crack down the vehicle owner that mounted a carrier on their vehicle for fearing that they are caring a ladder or any items that will be endangered to the safety of other vehicle when travelling down the road. Well I wish to comment that, PLEASE LOOK CLOSELY WHAT DIFFERENT BETWEEN BIKE CARRIER AND A CARRIER? Dear JPJ, please do observe and with analytical mind to make the best conclusion out of your very wise justification and not blatanly issueing us summons? Bicycle carrier of course come with safety strap and locking mechanism to hold the bike into the place and prevent it from falling off from the carrier. Furthermore will we as bicycle lovers will jeorpadise our thousand of ringgit or even more expensive than our own car itself bicycle been dangling on the top of our car unsecured? Our bicycle is our second wife and we love our bicycle more than our car. So please go catch to those car who have only carrier and NOT US !! JUST LEAVE US ALONE OK?

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